Speed limit

Speed limit in Haringey, exceptions to the 20mph speed limit.

The speed limit in Haringey is 20mph (miles per hour), except for some main roads and streets managed by Transport for London.

Roads that do not have a 20mph limit

Some roads in Haringey have a 30mph or 40mph speed limit.

30mph roads 

There is a 30mph speed limit on: 

  • Boreham Road, N22
  • Bounds Green Road, N22 – between Breamar Avenue and A406
  • Ferry Lane, N17
  • Fortis Green, N2
  • Great North Road, N2
  • Hale Road, N17
  • High Road, N22 – between Bounds Green Road and the Haringey boundary
  • Lordship Lane, N17 and N22
  • Muswell Hill, N10
  • Priory Road, N8
  • The Roundway, N17 – the western arm
  • Westbury Avenue, N22 – between Frome Road and Lordship Lane

40mph roads

Watermead Way N17 has a speed limit of 40mph.

Report a vandalised or missing speed limit sign

You can report a problem with a speed limit sign to us.

Questions about speed limits 

Contact us if you any concerns or questions about speed limits.

Benefits of a 20mph speed limit 

Research shows that:

  • there are fewer serious road collisions when people drive at lower speeds
  • driving more slowly at a steady pace reduces pollution (unless someone is in an unnecessarily low gear)
  • cyclists and pedestrians feel safer on roads
  • it encourages healthier ways of getting around – for example, walking and cycling

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