Cycling in Haringey

Find out about the Try Before You Bike scheme, why cycling is good for you.

If you want to try cycling

Try cycling without buying a bike

Try Before You Bike is an easy-to-use scheme that lets you try cycling without buying a bike.

You can: 

  • pay monthly to hire a bike – with no deposit or hidden fees
  • get different types of bike – including hybrid bikes, folding bikes, e-bikes and e-cargo bikes
  • get accessories like helmets, lights and locks
  • have your bike delivered for free
  • have your bike collected and returned for free if you decide it’s not for you
  • get guidance and support about using your bike and feeling confident on roads

There are also affordable options for buying a bike – including through the Cycle to Work scheme.

The scheme is managed by Peddle My Wheels. You can sign up to Try Before You Bike on the Peddle My Wheels website.

Why cycling is good for you


  • burns 400 calories an hour, even when you’re cycling on flat ground
  • improves your strength, stamina and cardiovascular fitness – and helps lower both blood pressure and your resting heart rate
  • increases calorie consumption and raises your metabolic rate, which can help you lose weight
  • puts less pressure on your joints than running
  • reduces stress and helps combat depression, improving your confidence and mental capacity