Electric vehicle charging points

Find electric vehicle charging points in Haringey, how to use charging points, request a new charging point.

There are electric vehicle charging points throughout Haringey.

Find an electric vehicle charging point

You can find electric vehicle charging points in Haringey on a Google map.

The map tells you whether a charging point is:

  • an on-street standard charging point
  • a lamp column charging point
  • a rapid charging point

The map also tells you which company manages a charging point. Charging points in Haringey are managed by Source London, BP Pulse and char.gy.

How to use charging points

You can check each company’s website to find out:

If a charging point is not working

You can get help or report problems with a charging point by contacting the company who manages it.

Find out how to:

Request a new charging point

If you want to ask for a new on-street charging point or suggest a location for one, please fill in our request form.

Start now

We make decisions about where to install charging points based on:

  • proof of demand in an area
  • what funding and resources are available

We do not install charging bays or charging points for individual use. However, if there are several requests for the same area, we might consider adding a charging point that can be used by multiple people.

If you have a question

Contact the environmental team if you want more information or have questions about electric vehicles in Haringey.

Contact customer services: environmental team