Website improvements

New design for the new website, online forms not changing just yet.

Project overview

This summer you will see a new website emerge as, section-by-section and form-by-form, we work to redesign it.

The new design is result of listening to what our residents have been telling us. Read more about past and future user research.

Our existing website design is over 7 years old, and we know it is not great for people who use mobile phones, or as accessible as it could be for people with disabilities.

The new design will: 

  • introduce a new and cleaner look, based on Government Digital Service standards and best practice around usability and accessibility
  • cut down the amount of text on web pages to make it shorter and clearer and more mobile friendly
  • redesign many of our forms to make them less confusing and quicker to fill in
  • create a new ‘My account’ area to let you see your personal account information and keep track of your requests to the council
  • make it easier to find contact information when you want to get in touch

The changes will not happen overnight. We will work through the summer to improve the designs based on further resident feedback and continued testing.

We will keep moving additional sections to the new site design, aiming to have transformed the whole site by the end of the year.

Online forms are not changing just yet

One of the things that you will notice we have not changed yet are online forms. These are a key part of the online experience – used whenever a resident wants to tell the council something, request something or pay for something.  

We need to get them right and a separate team is working hard to completely redesign and reword many of our forms to make them more mobile friendly, accessible and quicker to fill in. The new-look forms will be ready later this summer. Until then, the newly designed pages will still link to old-style forms.