Website improvements

New website project overview, what has happened so far, future improvements, user research activities and how you can help us.

Future work

See a list of improvements we will be focusing on in the next few months, on a service-by-service basis.

Housing repairs

We want to make it easier for you to use the website to request repairs, and to be able to see what has happened to your request and see when it is scheduled to happen.

You’ll see the first changes in July, when we introduce new forms for requesting repairs and a new account system to help you see how your repair request is progressing. We will also be updating the design of the webpages in this section of the website later in the summer.

Housing benefits

The rules around claiming housing benefits are complex, meaning the forms tend to be complicated and hard to navigate. We are going to make things simpler by introducing new e-forms that help applicants navigate the application process more easily. The same forms will also help our Customers Services team handle enquiries quickly and efficiently.

The benefits webpages have already been rewritten, with new forms scheduled to be introduced in September, together with an account system to make it easy for residents to see how their application is going.

Council Tax

Similarly with housing benefits, we are creating new e-forms to make it simpler to make payments, request discounts and exemptions, and tell us about changes.

The council tax webpages have already been redesigned, with new forms and account functionality following in September.


The current system for requesting parking permits is confusing and hard to navigate. We are working to simplify the application forms, so they work nicely with mobile phones and are more accessible to all users.

These improvements are expected in July/August.

Adults Social Services

Adults Social Services will be simplifying their pages and forms, making it easier to request assessments and support.

The new improved forms will be going live in July, with the new simplified webpage designs following later in the year.

Children's Social Services

Children's Social Services will also be simplifying their webpages and their assessment and support request forms.

New improved forms will be available in October, alongside improved web content.