Benefits and landlords

Advice and access to the Landlords Portal if you receive payment on behalf of a tenant, and help for your tenant.

Landlords Portal

Who can use the portal

You can use the portal if:

  • you're a landlord
  • your tenant gets Housing Benefit or Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP)
  • the payment is made directly to you

If you're registered. You can log straight in to access the portal.

Access now

You cannot use the Landlord Portal for tenants you do not get the payment for.

Register to use the Landlord Portal

Before you use the Landlord Portal for the first time, you must 'agree' to the Landlord Portal Terms of Use and then fill in the Landlord Portal application.

Important: by selecting 'I agree' you:

  • fully agree with the portal terms of use
  • understand that access to the portal can be revoked at any time for failure to comply with our terms of use.

I agree

Once you request access, you will receive an email to finish your registration.

What you can do in the portal

You can use the Landlord Portal to:

  • view and export claims and payments from the last 5 years
  • view and export online letters and weekly entitlements
  • view overpayment and recovery rate amounts
  • tell us about a change
  • upload documents

Contact us

Use the Housing Benefit enquiry form for help outside the Landlord Portal and to tell us about:

  • changes to your bank details
  • changes to your contact details
  • a tenant moving out
  • a tenant in rent arrears
  • eviction or repossession proceedings

Help for your tenant

If your tenant is struggling to pay their rent, help is available to them.

If you think they may need financial support, you can direct them to our Here to Help pages.

They may be entitled to claim additional financial support through our Discretionary Housing Payment which can, in certain circumstances, provide temporary top-up payments to any Housing Benefit or Universal Credit Housing Cost payments they receive.