Local Housing Allowance (LHA)

Local Housing Allowance is used to work out how much housing benefit you get if you rent privately.

Broad Market Rental Areas in Haringey

There are 2 Broad Rental Market Areas set within Haringey and the rates for the same sized accommodation differs across the 2 areas. They are:

  • Outer North London
  • Inner North London

The Local Housing Allowance rate you get depends on the Broad Rental Market Area you live in.

You can use your postcode to find out which area you're in on the Valuation Office Agency website.

How the Broad Rental Market Area is decided

The Valuation Office Agency uses the following points to decide a location of a Broad Rental Market Area:

  • comprising two or more distinct areas of residential accommodation
  • within which a person could reasonably be expected to live having regard to the facilities and services for the purposes of health, education, recreation, personal banking and shopping, taking account of public and private transport, to and from facilities and services of the same types and similar standard
  • containing residential premises of a variety of types, and including such premises held on a variety of tenancies