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How to book an appointment to register the birth of a baby born in Haringey. There are no hospitals in Haringey and you must register the birth in the area your baby was born. 

By law a birth must be registered within 42 days. Registration of a birth is free of charge but there is a fee to pay for the birth certificate.

Hospital births

There are no hospitals in Haringey. If the baby was born in a hospital, you must register the birth in the area where the hospital is located.

If the baby was born in:

Home births and non-hospital births

If the birth happened at home or elsewhere in Haringey, but not in a hospital, we can register the birth for you. To register the birth you must first book an appointment.

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Birth certificates

When booking you'll be asked to pay a fee of £11 to pay for a birth certificate. If you book over the phone we will take the payment then, or you can also make the payment using our secure payment e-form.

You can also order further copies of the birth certificate after the registration. Go to registration certificates.

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If you cannot travel to where the birth happened

If you cannot travel to the area where the birth happened, we can do a declaration for you but we cannot register the birth. Doing a registration by declaration means it will take longer to register the birth. After registering by declaration, you will then need to contact the relevant register office to order a birth certificate.

To book a birth declaration appointment, please contact us or your local register office.

We strongly recommend that you go to the register office in the area of birth, as everything will be done in one visit and you will leave with the birth certificate.

Contact customer services: Haringey Register Office

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