Massage and special treatment licences

How to apply for or renew your licence, change your licence or request a copy of your licence.

Applying for/renewing a massage and special treatments licence

In order to offer special treatments: 

Special treatments 

Special treatments include: 

  • acupuncture  
  • cosmetic piercing  
  • electrolysis  
  • laser/IPL 
  • manicure  
  • massage 
  • sauna  
  • sunbeds 
  • tattooing 

Please see the:

You will need a licence if you offer these treatments from your business premises or home. 

Botulinum Toxin and Cosmetic Fillers (Children) Act 2021

It is a criminal offence to:

  • give Botox or fillers by injection for cosmetic reasons to a person under 18 in England, even if they have permission of someone over 18
  • make arrangements or book an appointment to provide these treatments to anyone under the age of 18 in England

Please see:

New licence 

Before applying, please make sure to read the:

Documents to provide 

New applications must provide the following documents: 

  • electrical installation report 
  • PAT certificate 
  • public liability insurance 
  • plan of the premises 
  • treatment list with prices 
  • confirmation that you’ve displayed a public notice  

If you want to offer laser/IPL treatments, you must also provide:  

  • laser machine manual 
  • client guidance pre/post treatment 
  • complaints procedure 
  • client record card 
  • local rules 
  • risk assessment 
  • Laser Protection Advisor (LPA) certificate 


Please complete and return the:

After applying 

Your application will go through a 28-day consultation process. 

During that time you must advertise your application by displaying a notice in the window of your premises. 

To do this please see the:

You must confirm that you have done this by completing the confirmation of notice display form and returning it with your application:

Processing your application 

At the end of the 28-day consultation period, you will be given the licence if: 

  • there are no outstanding objections 
  • all requirements are met 

You cannot operate until we confirm you've been given a licence. 

Licence renewal 

All licences are renewed in September. You will be sent a reminder in August. 

You must provide the following documents: 

  • electrical installation report 
  • PAT certificate 
  • public liability insurance 

If you are offering Laser/IPL treatments, you must also provide: 

  • local rules 
  • risk assessment 
  • Laser Protection Advisor (LPA) certificate 

Apply for a renewal

We will send you an application form in August to renew. Or you can download and return the application form: 

Occasional licence 

You need an occasional licence if you want to offer treatments at a one-off event, such as a health exhibition. 

Please complete and return the:  

Make changes to your licence 

You can make changes (variations) to your licence such as: 

  • add a treatment 
  • add or remove a therapist 
  • transfer the licence to someone else 

To make changes to your licence, please complete the:

Please see our list of special treatment licence fees.

We will contact you to take payment over the phone once your licence has been approved.  

Fee exemptions 

You may be able to pay a reduced fee if you, or any therapists working for your business, are members of an exempt professional body.  

Please see the: 

Request a copy of your licence 

If you need a copy of your licence, please email us.

Contact the licensing team