Licence to display goods outside a shop

Part of: Street trading licences

You need a licence to display goods on the pavement outside your premises. 

There are certain roads, or parts of roads, where licences are not granted. For information on this please contact us.

Licence conditions 

To get a licence you must meet certain conditions: 

  • the goods displayed on the pavement outside your shop must be the same as those mostly sold in your shop 
  • you must provide a well-constructed trolley, stand or stall that can be easily moved: 
    • in the event of any emergency 
    • for the maintenance of the footpath 
    • at the end of trading every day 
  • your display cannot: 
    • obstruct the entrance and exit to the shop
    • extend across any other doorway, even if it’s not in use 
  • you cannot let out the footpath trading area to someone else 
  • you must meet all relevant food, health and safety, and other regulations 

If any of these conditions are not met, or there’s a change in ownership, we may remove or change a licence. 

Shopkeepers with private forecourts 

If you wish to trade on a private forecourt you can usually do so without a licence. This is because you already pay business rates. 

But if your display or vehicle is within 7 metres of the highway, you may need a licence. 

Please contact us for further information. 

Applying for a licence 

Applications must be made by an individual and not a partnership or company. That individual should be in attendance at the premises. 

What you must provide 

To apply you must provide: 

  • a copy of your commercial waste agreement 
  • a copy of your public liability insurance – at least £5 million cover (certificate and schedule list) 
  • a criminal records bureau check – this is available from the Disclosure and Barring Service
  • a passport style photograph, taken within the last 12 months, of the person applying for the licence 
  • proof of your identity (eg passport, driving licence) 
  • proof of your address (eg bank statement, utility bill, council tax) 


To apply please contact us. 


Please see our list of fees

After applying 

After receiving your completed application form, a council officer will visit your premises. 

If you are given a licence, we’ll tell you the maximum display area and costs involved.

Contact the licensing team