Tables and chairs on the pavement licence

Part of: Street trading licences

If you want to place tables and chairs on the pavement outside your premises and do not want to offer smoking in the outside area, you may want to apply for a pavement licence.

If you want to offer smoking, then keep reading this page.

Applying for a licence 

To apply you must: 

  • be an individual in attendance at the premises – partnerships or companies cannot apply 
  • have on-premises storage for the tables and chairs when not in use 


If you will be serving alcohol within the proposed area, you will need: 

Your licence must allow for alcohol to be consumed on a forecourt.

The local police will have the opportunity to comment on the application.

What you must provide 

To apply you must provide: 

  • a copy of your food registration or inspection report 
  • a copy of your commercial waste agreement 
  • a copy of your public liability insurance – at least £5 million cover (certificate and schedule list) 
  • a passport style photograph, taken within the last 12 months, of the person applying for the licence 
  • proof of your identity (eg passport, driving licence) 
  • proof of your address (eg bank statement, utility bill, council tax) 

Length of licence

Licences are granted for between 6 months and 3 years. 


Please contact us for an application form. 


Please see our list of fees

After applying 

Site inspection 

A council officer will inspect the proposed site, and area near it, and consider: 

  • whether tables and chairs on the footway would be good for the area or not 
  • what effect any noise would be to local residential properties  
  • whether passers-by could move the tables and chairs causing problems elsewhere 
  • whether the footway is wide enough, considering pedestrian flow, bus queues, nearby fire exits etc 

The officers will indicate: 

  • how large the space can be 
  • the maximum numbers of tables and chairs allowed – their type, style and sizes 
  • the times the tables and chairs must be removed, normally no later than 10 pm and not put outside again until after 7 am  

We may specify that the licence cannot be used before, during or after an event when lots of people are around. This includes events such as a concert or football match.

Contact the licensing team