Find a business opportunity on Contracts Finder and Find a Tender

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In Haringey we advertise business opportunities on Contracts Finder and Find a Tender.

Contracts Finder

Contracts Finder is a central repository on GOV.UK where you can find all public sector business opportunities.

Not all opportunities above £10,000 need to be advertised on Contracts Finder. The regulations allow for local arrangements to take precedence.

In Haringey, we use Contracts Finder to advertise the majority of non-DPS (Dynamic Purchasing Systems) contract opportunities over £160,000.

Visit Contracts Finder to see all current opportunities.

Find a Tender 

Find a Tender is a service to search and apply for high value contracts in the UK’s public and utilities sectors. High value contracts are usually above £138,760, including VAT.

Find a Tender replaced the EU’s Tenders Electronic Daily for high value contracts in the UK on 1 January 2021.

Visit Find a Tender to see high value contracts currently available.

Common thresholds

Common contract notices (advertisement) thresholds include:

  • goods and services: £213,477
  • works: £5,336,937
  • concession contracts: £5,336,937
  • light touch: £663,540