Purchase card expenditure

Part of: Selling to the council

We use 'purchasing cards' as one of our payment methods. Every financial year we produce 4 quarterly reports of expenditure for purchase card payments.

Each report includes all payments made to suppliers and other money spent in carrying out our business.

When publishing our reports, we act within the limits of data protection law and the local government transparency code 2015 (GOV.UK)

Quarterly reports

The published data contains:

  • transaction number – the document reference number
  • merchant details – the name of the supplier
  • payment date – the date of transaction
  • directorate information – the organisational unit responsible for spending the money
  • business unit – the department responsible for spending the money
  • amount – the amount of the transaction (VAT excluded)


Reports for financial year 2023-24:


Reports for financial year 2022-23:


Reports for financial year 2021-22:


Reports for financial year 2020-21:


Reports for financial year 2019-20:


Reports for financial year 2018-19: