The Haringey Deal

How we are changing the way we work with you.

The Haringey Deal

Haringey is the world in one borough. A place of creativity, personality, radicalism, diversity and community.

Haringey’s people are a huge asset, with knowledge, expertise and passion. With all the challenges we face locally and globally, we know that we need to tap into your strengths.

We listened to what you said 

We have listened to what you have been saying, that:

  • many of you do not feel you have as much influence on decisions as you would like
  • we don’t understand what really matters most to you
  • we don’t always seem as open to listening as we should be
  • we don’t always learn from our mistakes

We want to do better

There are some big challenges ahead:

  • tackling the climate emergency
  • supporting residents through the cost-of-living crisis
  • dealing with the long-term impacts of the COVID pandemic on resident’s health and well-being
  • striving to reduce the unacceptable inequalities in Haringey, making sure everyone can live a secure, healthy, and fulfilling life

To create a fairer, greener Haringey that works for everyone, we need to work with you to make change happen. To do this, we need to change the way we work.


Copies of the Haringey Deal are available in:

  • Polish
  • Somali
  • Bulgarian
  • Turkish

For a translated copy, please contact us.

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