The Haringey Deal – changing how we work

Part of: The Haringey Deal

Based on what we have heard from you, we think there are a number of things we need to change about how we work.

First things first

We know we need to start from firm foundations. This is why we will start by tackling the following.

Knowing our communities

Haringey’s communities are diverse and continuously changing. We are starting by developing a better understanding of who our residents are, your strengths and needs, and how we can best work with you.

Getting the basics right

If we are going to increase trust, then we know your everyday interactions with us have to be as easy, effective, and supportive as possible.

The changes we will make

Based on what we have heard, we think there are a number of things we can do differently.

We need to listen and prioritise relationships

We will learn to listen better and take the time to build more trusting 2-way relationships with our residents.

We need to focus on what’s strong, not what is wrong

We know that sometimes we treat issues in our communities as problems to be fixed, rather than supporting the good that is already there. In future, we will build on existing positivity instead.

We need to share power

We will:

  • create new and genuine opportunities for you to have a say in decisions that affect you
  • help design the services you rely on
  • work with us to solve long-standing and difficult problems

We need to learn from our mistakes

No large organisation can get everything right all the time. When we make mistakes, we will be honest about them and learn from them.

We need to create space for good things to happen

Sometimes we make it harder for communities to make change happen themselves. Sometimes there are good reasons for our caution, sometimes not. We will get better at letting go and explaining when we can’t.

We need to work harder to hear the voices that are too often overlooked

We know that some people face real barriers to joining in and making their voices heard. We will strip away those barriers so that everyone has a real opportunity to be part of the change.

We need your help

Changing the way we work overall isn’t something that can be done quickly or easily. You can help us by:

  • emailing us to let us know what you think of the Haringey Deal and share your ideas about ways in which we can work better together
  • looking out for opportunities to get involved in shaping Haringey and get stuck in
  • giving us your feedback. 

See the Haringey Deal in action

We are committed to creating meaningful opportunities for our residents, partners and stakeholders to participate and share their thoughts on the issues that matter to them.

Visit our online Haringey Engagement Hub to see all of the council's active, upcoming and past engagements in one place and have your say. 

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