Secure email and file transfer

How we securely send confidential and/or personal information to external parties.

Haringey Council uses Microsoft Office Message Encryption and Egress to provide a secure way of sending confidential and/or personal information to external parties. These products allow us to send secure and encrypted emails and large files, and for external parties to respond securely to the council, free of charge.

Egress email and file protection

Egress Email and File Protection is an email encryption solution that enables users to send and receive confidential data securely, including email content and any file attachments.

To find out more, please visit the Egress email and file protection page.

How to use Egress to read an email

You will need an Egress Account linked to the email address we sent the encrypted email to. If you don’t have one, please follow the steps in the guide to register for a free Egress account. Setting up a free Egress Account enables you to read, reply to and initiate encrypted emails with staff at Haringey Council.

You do not need to download or install any software to read emails sent using Egress Email and File Protection (although free desktop and mobile apps are available on the Egress website).

  • Click on the ‘read this secure email’ link within the notification email you receive
  • Log into your Egress account when prompted
  • Use the Egress web access portal to view email messages and any attachments
  • Read this simple how-to guide for step-by-step instructions on how to read emails sent using Email and File Protection (PDF, 2MB)

You can download desktop apps for email and file protection that allow you to receive and reply to encrypted emails directly within Outlook and Gmail.

You can also find links to download mobile apps for iOS and Android.

How to reply to an email sent using Egress

Sending encrypted emails and attachments, including large files, with Egress Email and File Protection is as easy as sending a conventional email.

  • Visit the online Egress web portal
  • Either sign in with your Egress ID or follow the simple sign-up procedure to create your own free Egress ID
  • To reply to a specific email, select ‘Reply’ / ‘Reply all’ and write your email, attaching any files as required. If you want to start a new email thread, select the ‘Compose a Secure Email’ option and then write your email, adding recipients and any files as required


Egress Email and File Protection is the first, and currently only, NCSC CPA Foundation Grade email encryption product. This means Email and File Protection has been certified by UK Government to enable Public and Private Sector customers to share OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE data over the internet, without the need to manage third-party credentials.

Egress Software Technologies is also certified to the ISO 27001:2013 standard, which serves as the international benchmark for information security management, and outlines how to implement and uphold an independently assessed and certified information security management system.

Help available

If you need any help using Egress, please visit the Egress support centre.

Email monitoring 

The use of Haringey Council's email system may be monitored and emails read to make sure the system is operating properly, to block spam, viruses or illegal/harmful content, and for other lawful purposes.