Data and finance

Freedom of information (FOI), subject access requests, equalities, fraud and corruption, budget, accounts, our workforce, Haringey facts and figures.

Financial plans and strategies

The asset management plan, the anti-fraud and corruption strategy, whistleblowing policy, sanctions policy, money laundering policy, anti-bribery policy.

Our workforce

Our pay policy statement, senior management pay bands, trade union costs, the gender pay gap, our employment profile.


Equalities data and monitoring, equality impact assessments (EIAs) and how we use them to improve services.

Council budget

The current council budget from April 2023 to March 2024.

Fraud and corruption

How to report fraud and corruption, how we are tackling fraud and corruption.

About Haringey

Haringey facts and figures, Census 2021 data from Haringey, ward and borough profiles, residents surveys.