Open consultations.

Open consultations

You can have your say on any open consultation.

Open consultations and closing dates

Other consultations

See the following sections for any other active consultations we may be currently running:

Our commitment to you

We are committed to making sure all our consultations are effective and efficient. You can expect that we will: 

  • make sure our consultations are a fundamental part of the planning and provision of services
  • value the time and energy that you put into responding to consultations
  • make it simple for you to tell us what you think
  • co-ordinate our consultation programme with other organisations where possible
  • monitor our consultations and avoid duplication and repetition
  • communicate clearly about the purpose of the consultation, who is being consulted, the way we are consulting and when decisions will be taken on proposals
  • actively seek to engage communities affected by the proposal(s) and explain how the proposed changes might affect different people
  • use plain English
  • translate documents into other languages and formats (for example Braille) and provide interpreters at meetings when they are needed
  • use appropriate consultation methods
  • follow good practice and legal requirements that relate to equality and social inclusion

At the end of the consultation we will communicate:

  • what will happen next
  • when the results of the consultation will be published
  • when and by whom the decision(s) on the proposal(s) will be taken
  • when the decision(s) will be published

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