The Mayor of Haringey, Councillor Lester Buxton

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The Mayor is elected at the annual meeting of the council. The Mayor for 2023 to 2024 is Councillor Lester Buxton.

Mayor Lester Buxton

I’m excited to begin my first term as Mayor. At 27 I will be the youngest Mayor in Haringey’s history, breaking a record set by Alan Dobbie in 1995, coincidentally the year I was born just across the border at the Whittington. 

I grew up in Haringey, went to Muswell Hill Primary School and then Highgate Wood, which gave me the education I needed to go on and get an undergraduate degree in Physics from the University of Bath and subsequently a PhD in theoretical quantum mechanics form the University of Surrey.

I moved back home to Haringey during the pandemic, and this is where my wonderful boyfriend Sascha and I have chosen to settle.

I became the councillor for Crouch End last year and served as Deputy Mayor to Cllr Adamou alongside roles on Planning, Licensing and Children’s scrutiny committees.

I come from a family of teachers, who have instilled in me a passion for education. As a gay man, I’m proud of the history we have in Haringey of championing LGBTQ+ rights. 

I look forward to meeting many people throughout Haringey over the coming year.

Mayor Lester Buxton

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The Deputy Mayor of Haringey

Councillor Ajda Ovat, ward councillor for Northumberland Park, is the Deputy Mayor of Haringey.

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