Turn off your vehicle

Air quality

Leaving your vehicle engine on while you’re not moving is called engine idling. Engine idling puts more exhaust fumes containing harmful gases into the air. These gases include: 

  • carbon dioxide 
  • nitrogen dioxide 
  • carbon monoxide 
  • particular matter 
  • hydrocarbons 

Find out more about engine idling on the Idling Action London website

Watch our video animation about engine idling produced by students on the College of Enfield, Haringey and North East London creative media course.

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Report engine idling

If you see a vehicle engine idling, you can report it to us online. 

By making a report, you help us to:

  • better understand where and when engine idling happens and who's doing it
  • focus our efforts in the right areas to tackle engine idling
  • choose the right places for anti-idling campaigns

Report now