Request environmental information

Ask us for information about the environment, including levels of air pollution and our environmental policies. 

You have the right to ask us for information about the environment. This includes Haringey’s levels of air pollution and our environmental policies. 

You can find information on our website on: 

If you’re looking for something else, contact us to make an environment information request. 


The information is free, but we may ask you to cover the costs of copying and postage. If there is a charge, we will tell you first.  

Refusing a request 

We can refuse a request if: 

  • we do not have the information  
  • the request is obviously unreasonable 
  • the request is too general 
  • the request is for unfinished documents or data 
  • the request is for internal communications 

We may also refuse a request to protect: 

  • confidentiality of proceedings 
  • international relations, public security or defence 
  • the course of justice and right to fair trial 
  • commercial confidentiality 
  • intellectual property rights 
  • personal or voluntary data 
  • environmental protection 

Other sources of environmental information 

Environmental information is also available from: 

Contact customer services: pollution control