Requesting a TPO

Part of: Tree preservation orders (TPOs)

If a tree does not have a TPO you must give the reasons why you think it needs protecting.

We consider requests against 4 main criteria, including:

  • the visibility of the tree from a public place
  • the tree's importance in terms of its:
    • size
    • form
    • rarity
    • screening value
    • contribution to the character or appearance of a conservation area
  • the tree’s significance in its local surroundings and wider impact on the environment
  • whether the tree could be at risk in the future

Trees that do not need TPOs

It’s not usually necessary to give TPOs for trees under a recognised tree management programme, like:

  • street trees managed by our tree section
  • woodland managed by the Corporation of London in Highgate Wood

To request a TPO please contact the planning department.

Contact the planning team

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