Working on a protected tree

Part of: Tree preservation orders (TPOs)

Before starting work on a protected tree you have to apply for permission. Anyone can apply but if you’re not the owner, you need the owner’s permission.

Please make your application through the Planning Portal.

There's no time limit on a response to your application. If we're notified of works in a conservation area, we'll respond within 6 weeks.

Appealing a decision

If you’re unhappy with a decision you have the right to appeal. Appeal information is included in your decision letter.

Permission to do emergency work

The normal application process is waived if a protected tree is:

  • dead
  • dying
  • dangerous

You must give us 5 days’ notice of your intention to carry out work.

If the danger is immediate, such as the tree is about to fall causing damage or injury, you can do the work without prior notice.

We may later ask you to prove the tree was a danger, so you’re strongly advised to collect evidence like:

  • photographs
  • a tree surgeon’s report
  • an independent witness statement

Commenting on an application

If you would like to comment on an application please contact the planning department.

Please note, we do not legally have to consult on a tree application.

Contact the planning team

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