How we protect trees from being cut down

Tree protection

We're already taking steps to protect mature trees from future developments and to improve the skyline in Haringey. We're always:

  • working hard to save trees on land owned by developers 
  • making sure new buildings and construction do not damage surrounding trees

For example, we were able to save almost every single quality tree at the St Ann’s housing site after our planning service worked with the developers.

The new Local Plan to protect trees

As part of the new Local Plan, we’re developing a much more robust approach to protecting existing trees, like:

  • including a dedicated trees policy with a clear expectation of developers to keep and protect mature and mature trees rather than cut them down or damage them
  • maximising the number of native trees planted as part of construction projects
  • adding an additional council tree officer to oversee planning matters, including the inspection of developments where mature trees exist, ensuring work carried out by the council is completed to the highest standard

Whilst there are things we cannot enforce as a local authority, we do everything in our power to work alongside our partners and make them aware of our expectations and vision for Haringey. 

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