Trees play a big role in our health and wellbeing

Having trees in our community gives many benefits to our residents, including:

  • reducing pollution
  • reducing stress
  • allowing community gardens to grow food
  • helping to lower crime rates
  • providing homes for different animals and insects

You can learn more about the benefits of trees on the Woodland Trust website

Coldfall Wood
Map of trees planted in Haringey

Where we've planted trees

We protect and nurture thousands of existing trees in our community and have planted thousands more.

Our plan is to continue planting trees for a greener Haringey. 

See our tree canopy cover by ward (2021/2022).

Map of trees we've planted this year

What we've planted in 2022-23

Haringey and our community have planted:

Two men planting a tree
Tree view

What we're doing next with trees

To help create a greener Haringey we're:

  • aiming to plant trees more evenly across Haringey and increase tree canopy cover by at least 30 per cent
  • aiming to plant at least 10,000 trees by 2030
  • re-writing planning documents to protect and add existing trees into the design and layout of any new development
  • beginning a new Tree and Woodland plan and a faster maintenance programme for mature trees
Man planting a tree

How you can help with tree planting

Residents across Haringey are already supporting the project to green our grey neighbourhoods and we’re always looking for more help.  

Trees for Streets supports residents, groups and organisations to sponsor the planting of a semi-mature tree. The Haringey scheme has encouraged groups of people to come together and fundraise for tree planting, including a Tottenham crowdfunded campaign to plant 18 trees.  

If you want to fundraise to plant trees in your community you can visit the Haringey Trees for Streets pages.

How you can help with tree maintenance

You can help street trees with watering, weeding, mulching and more.

How to help look after street trees