Report a tree problem or emergency

Report fallen trees or a tree damaging your property.

Report a fallen tree

If you see a fallen tree and it is a risk of injury or threat to life, call 999.

You can report any other non-emergency tree problems, including fallen trees in a park or woodland, using My Account.

Report using My Account 

Report without logging into My Account

Resolving the problem  

We’ll inspect reported tree problems within 10 days and let you know what action will be taken.

Depending on the urgency and type of work needed, it can take up to 8 weeks to complete. We’ll let you know when tree problems have been diagnosed and again when repairs have been completed.

If you think a tree is damaging your property, the first thing to do is to report it to your insurer. They will investigate and collect evidence of structural damage. Insurance company reports should be to sent us.

Contact the insurance team