Former tenant rent accounts

Part of: Paying your housing rent

If you move out of a council property and have not cleared your rent account, the former tenants accounts Team will explain what is outstanding and request payment.

For the notice you must give when you leave please see information on moving. If you do not give the necessary notice, you will be charged additional rent.

How to pay

Repayment of any arrears can be paid either:

  • in one lump sum
  • in instalments (by arrangement with Haringey Council).

Instalment payments can be made using the housing rents and charges card, by Direct Debit, or payment vouchers at any Post Office. If you work for Haringey Council you can ask for deductions to be made from your wages.

Tenants who have died

If rent is owed by a tenant who has died, we will make a claim by writing to the next of kin, and the following rules will apply:

  • Housing Benefit will stop from the Monday after the death. From this point, we will charge the full rent until the keys are returned to us
  • If you return the keys to us after Tuesday, we will charge rent for a full week
  • We cannot allow a ‘rent-free’ period to clear the property, so you should return the keys to us as soon as you can, to avoid extra cost

Accounts that are in credit

If we owe you money when the tenancy ends, we will refund you, or if the tenant has died, their estate.

You will have to make a formal request and give us proof of your identity. For a claim form, please contact the former tenants accounts team.

Contact the former tenant accounts team