Check the progress of a repair

Chase up a repair using My Account.

We always aim to complete repairs as soon as possible but on inspection, we may identify factors that mean we can’t start/complete the repair on our first visit or even in one visit. If you are still waiting for a repair to be completed, the delay could be caused by any number of issues such as:

  • parts needing to be ordered or we are awaiting delivery
  • equipment needing to be ordered or arranged before we are able carry out/complete the repair
  • a specialist tradesperson that needs to be booked to carry out/complete the repair
  • a repair that has to be carried out in stages and therefore can’t be completed in one visit

If you need to check the progress of a repair, you can do so using your rent and repairs account on My Account:

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If the work was carried out more than 7 days ago but you’re not happy with it, please log a new repair request.

You can also check on the status of a repair and rebook appointments using Housing Online.