Asbestos in homes and garages

Health risks, safe disposal, advice for council tenants.

Asbestos is a natural material. It was used in buildings for fireproofing and insulation up to 1999. 

Health risk 

Materials that contain asbestos are safe if they’re in good condition. It’s only a health risk if the material containing asbestos, like insulation, becomes damaged. 

Try to make sure anything you think contains asbestos is in good condition and sealed with paint. Materials that contain asbestos can be repaired. Removal is generally a last resort. 

Home improvements 

Never drill, sand or saw materials containing asbestos. 

If you have asbestos in your home, you must tell your builders. 

If you’re thinking of removing asbestos, get help from an asbestos contractor. Visit the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association website to find an asbestos contractor near you.

Disposal of asbestos 

The City of London Corporation will collect your asbestos waste as long as it’s in bags.  

For information, see City of London Corporation, hazardous waste collection.

This includes information on: 

  • handling asbestos 
  • wrapping asbestos 
  • storing asbestos 
  • collection charges, if any 
  • how to arrange a collection 

Council tenants 

See information for council tenants with asbestos concerns