Leaseholder service charges and invoices

Types of service charges, administration charges, ways to pay.

Leaseholder service charges and invoices

Under the terms of your lease, you are required to pay towards the cost of services and works to your building and your estate. We call these service charges.

Types of service charges

There are 2 main types of charge.

Day-to-day service charges

These are the costs of providing services to your building and estate each year. They include things such as the cost of cleaning your building, cutting the grass, day-to-day repairs etc.

We invoice you for day-to-day service charges each year.

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Major works

These are the cost of carrying out cyclical works to your building or estate, such as replacing the windows, replacing the lift, etc. These will only be carried out on a periodic basis.

We will generally invoice you for these type of works once the works have started on site, but under the terms of your lease, you are actually required to start paying even before the works have started. However, we also offer you a range of extended payment options that are outside the terms of your lease.

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Administration charges

We charge for administration when a leaseholder requests a particular service or when we have to carry out special work because a lease has been breached

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Further information

For more information see our Leaseholder invoice and account queries page.

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