Administration charges

Part of: Leaseholder service charges and invoices

We charge for administration when a leaseholder requests a particular service or when we have to carry out special work because a lease has been breached (for example, through non-payment of charges). We charge individual leaseholders for any administration we have to carry out because we do not believe that all leaseholders should bear the cost of work done for individual leaseholders.

We will always tell you if we will make a charge and it will not be included in your management fee. We must also give you a statement which provides a summary of your statutory rights, in accordance with the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002. If we don’t, you are entitled to withhold payment of an administration charge.

Download our summary of rights and obligations document for further details.

Current administration charges are listed in the following tables. They include VAT where appropriate.

Service charges
Services charges Amount
A copy of a statement from a previous year £25 (per year)
A copy of a repairs report from a previous year £25 (per year)
A copy of a certificate of actual account £20 (per year)
Mandatory or discretionary loan. There is an additional £100 fee if the loan is over £10,000 and a charge is secured on your property. Read more about our loan options  £200 legal fee

plus £25 admin fee per year of the loan
Resales charges
Resales Amount
Information pack for solicitors (including VAT) £216
Notice of transfer (Legal department) £125
Notice of charge (Legal department) £125
Remortgages charges
Remortgages Amount
Balance enquiry for remortgages (including VAT) £36
Registration of charge (Notice of charge - Legal department) £125
Licence for alterations charges
Licence for alterations Amount
Standard (including VAT) £144
Minor (including VAT) £60
Major (refer to landlord permissions information)  
Other charges
Other charges Amount
Letter of Satisfaction (for removal of your name from the County Court Register) £25
Copying of documents, for example the lease £114
Letter regarding breach of lease £50
Visit regarding breach of the lease £250

Reasonableness of administration charges

Administration charges must be reasonable.

A leaseholder can apply to the First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) to find out whether a charge for administration is fair and reasonable. The tribunal can also decide:

  • how much the leaseholder has to pay
  • the date on or by which they have to pay
  • the way the administration charge must be paid

If you are a leaseholder and you have paid your service charges, you can still challenge them through the First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber), but we strongly advise that you continue to make payments even if you wish to query them.

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