Controlled parking zones (CPZs)

What a CPZ is, how to park in a CPZ, bank holiday CPZ parking, visiting someone who lives in a CPZ and problems finding a parking space.

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What a CPZ is 

A CPZ is an area where you can only park for free during certain times.

How to park in a CPZ 

To park on a road in a CPZ during CPZ hours, you must have a parking permit or buy on-street parking. If you do not, you may get a penalty charge notice (PCN – parking ticket).

Permits allowing you to park in a CPZ at any time include resident permits, business permits and 1-day tradespeople or landlord permits (known as ‘permission to park’ permits).

See all parking permits.

For on-street parking, see RingGo parking.

Bank holidays

You can park for free on bank holidays in most CPZs. Search for the road, see if it’s in a CPZ and check the details.

Visiting someone who lives in a CPZ

If you want to visit someone who lives in a CPZ:

  • the person you’re visiting can buy visitor permits so you can park near their home
  • you can park for a short time in a 'pay by phone' bay using RingGo

See what the parking bay signs look like.

Problems finding a parking space 

We want to hear from you if you have problems finding a parking space in your area. 

Fill in the online form to let us know if you: 

  • regularly cannot find a parking space where you live 
  • want a change to a CPZ 
  • want managed parking on your road 
  • have problems with inconsiderate parking like cars parked in front or your driveway or on the pavement 

Your feedback will help us find the best ways to manage parking in Haringey for residents. 

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