Parking permits

How to set up a parking account, apply for or renew a permit, change permit details and foreign registered vehicles.

Visitor parking permits

Who and how to buy vouchers, where your visitors can park, how to activate and deactivate vouchers.

Disabled parking

The Blue Badge scheme, the resident Blue Badge holder permit and disabled parking bays.

Resident carers' permit

Where you can park and how to change permit details. This permit is replaced by the resident care at home permit.

Business parking permits

Different types of permit, cost, where you can park, how to apply or change permit details and refunds.

Change or cancel your permit

Parking permits that can be cancelled and refunded, how to change a permit address and change vehicle details.

Foreign vehicles

Proof we need, how to register with the DVLA, how to enter your vehicle registration and how to renew your permit.