Utility company and borough-wide business parking permits

Part of: Business parking permits

If you’re a business or utility company working across Haringey, you can apply for a parking permit that lets you park throughout the borough. 


You must show us that a borough-wide permit is essential to running your business.  

Your business must do one of the following: 

  • carry out building maintenance  
  • deliver essential services to residents that includes staff carrying heavy or hazardous equipment or materials 

Where you can park 

You can park in a:  

  • business permit holder bay 
  • resident permit holder bay
  • resident permit holder shared-use bay (resident permit and pay by phone) 
  • permit holder bay
  • permit holder shared-use bay (permit holder and pay by phone)

You cannot park in pay by phone only bays. 

See what the parking bay signs look like.

Terms and conditions 

Read the terms and conditions for parking permits.