Contact us about parking permits

Contact us online, by phone or in person.

Contact us through your online parking account

The best way to contact us is through your online parking permit account.

Log in to your parking account and click the 'Contact us' tab.

Contact us online

If you cannot log in to your account, you can contact us through our online form.

Visit our Customer Services Centres 

You can visit us at one of our Customer Service Centres for help with a parking permit query.

We can also help you:

  • register and apply for an online permit
  • with paper permit cancellations and refunds
  • with paper visitor permits

Help to register and apply for online permits 

You need to bring all proof documents with you that you need for your permit. Find out what proof documents you need for your permit.

Paper visitor permits

If you cannot use the online system to buy visitor permits, you can apply for, and use, paper permits. 

You can get a paper visitor voucher application form at either Wood Green or Marcus Garvey Customer Service Centres. 

You need to complete the paper application form and post it to the address on the form. Do not forget to include your documents and chosen payment method. We can help you fill in the form if needed. 

We post pre-ordered paper visitor permits to you, or you can collect them from Wood Green Customer Service Centre at an agreed date and time. 

Per application you can buy up to both: 

  • 5 books of hourly visitor permits 
  • 5 books of daily visitor permits 

What we cannot help you with

We cannot:

  • give you visitor permits on the same day – you must complete a form and pre-order them
  • help you with penalty charge notices (PCNs) – see how to contact us about a parking PCN
  • print visitors permits or paper resident permits – most permits are now done online
  • exchange or refund visitor permits and once they've expired they cannot be used

Estate permits 

You must apply online for estate parking permits including visitor permits

You can make an appointment at a Customer Service Centre to get: 

  • a printed copy of a resident permit 
  • estate paper visitor permits 

Find out how to make a Customer Service Centre appointment