Funeral parking

Part of: Wedding and funeral parking permits

You can either apply for a parking bay suspension or a permission to park permit to park near a place of worship for a funeral.

Parking bay suspension  

We can suspend parking bays around a place of worship during a funeral. 

Where you can park 

Funeral attendees can park on specific streets in: 

  • resident bays 
  • permit and resident permit holder shared-use bays (permit and resident holders and pay by phone bays) 
  • pay by phone parking bays in designated streets 


This service is free. 

Who can apply 

The place of worship where the funeral is taking place must apply. 


Find out how to apply for a parking bay suspension.

Permission to park

A permission to park permit for a funeral lets guests park near the home of the deceased. 


This service is free. 

Number of permits 

You can apply for a permit for up to 10 vehicles. 

There may be situations where more permits are needed which we’ll consider on a case-by-case basis. Contact us to discuss. 

Where you can park 

Permit holders can park on the street listed on the permit in: 

  • resident permit holder bay
  • resident permit holder shared-use bay (resident permit and pay by phone) 
  • permit holder bay
  • permit holder shared-use bay (permit holder and pay by phone)

The permit is not valid in pay by phone only bays. 

See what the parking bay signs look like.

Who can apply 

The funeral director or person making funeral arrangements can apply. 

Find out how to apply for permission to park.

Terms and conditions

Read the terms and conditions for parking permits.