Resident Blue Badge holder permit

Who can get a permit, cost, where you can park and how to change vehicle details.

About a resident Blue Badge holder permit

The resident Blue Badge holder permit replaces the paper companion badge.  

We’ve introduced this permit to stop the theft of Blue Badges from vehicles. The permit is issued online and you do not need to display anything in your vehicle.  

The permit is valid for the same time as your Blue Badge. It will expire when your Blue Badge expires. See information about the Blue Badge scheme.


You can apply for a resident Blue Badge holder permit if: 

  • you have a Blue Badge 
  • you live in Haringey 
  • the vehicle log book (V5C), Motability agreement or insurance document is registered to your address 
  • the vehicle is registered to you, or someone in your household


The permit is free.

Where you can and cannot park 

You can park in Haringey for an unlimited amount of time in a: 

  • resident permit holder bay 
  • resident permit holder shared-use bay (resident permit and pay by phone) 
  • permit holder bay
  • permit holder shared-use bay (permit holder and pay by phone)
  • disabled bay (except dedicated disabled bay) 
  • pay by phone only bay

You cannot park: 

  • in a dedicated disabled (Blue Badge) bay – only permit holders with a permit showing that bay reference can park there
  • in a private car park, including council housing estates and roads – these have separate parking conditions as shown by the entrance signs
  • when a loading restriction is in place – see signs and markings on the side of the pavement

See what the parking bay signs look like.

Single and double yellow lines 

If you park on single or double yellow lines you must display your time clock, set to the time you arrive. You can park for up to 3 hours from the time you set your clock. 

Check for loading and unloading rules on the London Councils website, shown by yellow markings on the side of the pavement. See loading and unloading times shown on nearby signs.

Change of vehicle or address 

You must let us know if your vehicle details or address changes.

Terms and conditions

Read the terms and conditions for parking permits.