Challenge or make representations for a parking PCN

Part of: Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) – parking and traffic

If you think your PCN was wrongly issued, you can make a challenge or make representations (making representations is a formal challenge). 

The PCN or letter you receive will say whether you need to make a challenge or make representations. The PCN or letters includes instructions on how to do this. 

See GOV.UK for more information on challenging a PCN

If your vehicle has been removed, you must pay the car pound for its release before challenging the PCN. Find out how to get your vehicle from the car pound

Make your challenge or representations in writing

By law, all challenges and representations must be made in writing. Our Customer Services team cannot speak to you over the phone about your PCN.

When we receive your challenge or representation, your case is put on hold while it's reviewed. This means the number of days your PCN is unpaid does not increase.

Challenges or representations can be made online or by letter. 

You need your: 

  • PCN number 
  • vehicle registration 
  • evidence to support your challenge 

Online challenge or representations 

If you make an online challenge, you have the option to either ‘Make a challenge’ or ‘Make representations’.  

Click the ‘Make a challenge’ or ‘Make representations’ tab and enter your details, comments and evidence. You can upload up to 3 documents or images. 

Make an online challenge or representation

Letter challenge or representations 

You can challenge or make representations for 1 or more PCNs in the same letter. 

Send your letter to us by post to our Sheffield address for processing.

How we respond 

Our team will send a letter or email letting you know if your challenge or representation was successful and if your PCN is cancelled. 

If it’s not successful, you will get a letter or an email saying we reject your challenge. 

We aim to respond to your challenge within 10 working days, but this may take up to 30. 

We respond to your representations within 56 days. 

Check progress of your challenge or representations 

You can check the progress of your challenge or representation made online or by post. You need your PCN number and vehicle registration.  

Click the ‘Key events’ tab to see updates to your challenge. If it says ‘On hold’, this means we have received your challenge and are looking into it.  

Check progress of your challenge

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