Get back your towed vehicle

Part of: Removed vehicles

If we remove your vehicle, you must visit the car pound to get it back. 

We do not release vehicles until we have: 

  • seen all proof documents 
  • full payment of the fees and PCN charge(s) 

We send at least 2 letters to the registered keeper letting them know their vehicle is in the pound. Uncollected vehicles, and property left in them, is disposed of after 35 days. 


The removal release fee is £200. 

The daily storage fee is £40. 

You must also pay any outstanding penalty charge notices (PCNs). See parking charges for PCNs.

Documents you must provide 

When you visit the Pound to collect the vehicle, bring your proof documents with you.

Vehicle has 2 or less unpaid PCNs 

You must show proof: 

  • you own the vehicle like a V5C (log book) 
  • your address, like a: 
    • utility bill like a gas or electric bill 
    • Council Tax bill 
    • tenancy agreement 

Vehicle is a persistent evader – has 3 or more unpaid PCNs where the appeal date has passed 

You must show proof: 

  • of your identity – something with your photograph like a passport or driving licence 
  • you own the vehicle like a V5C (log book) 
  • of your address, dated in the last 3 months, like a: 
    • utility bill like a gas or electric bill 
    • Council Tax bill 
    • tenancy agreement 

You’re the new vehicle owner 

If you became the vehicle owner after the PCNs were issued, you need to show us the vehicle has changed owner. 

You must provide: 

  • the v5 registration certificate 
  • a valid current certificate of insurance issued before the date the vehicle was removed 
  • a utility bill, like a gas or electric bill, dated within the last 3 months  
  • valid full driving licence 
  • valid bill of sale 
  • copy of a bank account statement showing purchase of the vehicle 

All documents must show the same name and address.  

Collecting a vehicle on behalf of the owner 

You must show: 

  • ID for yourself, like a passport or driving licence 
  • ID for the vehicle owner – this can be a photo of their ID 
  • a signed letter from the vehicle owner saying they give you permission to collect the vehicle 
  • proof of vehicle ownership like a V5C (log book) 
  • proof that you’re insured to drive the vehicle 

Collecting a courtesy or lease vehicle 

You must show: 

  • a copy of the courtesy or lease agreement, or an email from the company supplying the vehicle giving details of authorised drivers 
  • ID for the driver named in the agreement 

Collecting a company vehicle 

You must show: 

  • a letter or email from the company that owns the vehicle, giving details of the person authorised to drive it  
  • an emailed copy of the registration 
  • certificate of insurance 
  • ID of the driver