Removed vehicles

Find your vehicle, why we tow vehicles and who clamps vehicles.

Find your vehicle, towed and clamped vehicles

Find out if your vehicle’s been towed 

Use the TRACE service to find out if your vehicle’s been towed. This is a free service telling you: 

  • if your vehicle’s been towed 
  • where it is 
  • how you can get it back 

Visit London Councils’ website to find your vehicle using TRACE.

If TRACE cannot tell you where your car is, you can contact the non-emergency police line on 101 or the textphone service on 18001 101.  

Why we tow vehicles 

If your vehicle is parked illegally, or we think it’s abandoned, we may tow it to the car pound.  

We work in partnership with MHL to tow vehicles.   

Vehicle clamping 

We do not clamp vehicles. 

Vehicles can be clamped: 

  • on estates and private council land (not including public council car parks)  
  • by contractors for the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) for untaxed vehicles