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A resource of useful building control documents and links.

Also see the approved documents (building regulations) page.

Application forms and fees

Charges and fees from 8 April 2024:

2023 charges and fees:

Building control forms:

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Policy documents

Our service standards

Our service standards aim to provide clear information to customers and Members about what to expect from us in the services we offer. These also aim to clarify what we cannot provide, and so reduce unrealistic expectations.

Building control enforcement policy

Our primary function is to protect people’s health and safety in the built environment. This involves, among other things, enforcing the following legislation:

  • The Building Act 1984 (as amended)
  • The Building Regulations 2010 (as amended) and other allied legislation
  • The London Building Acts (Amendment Act) 1939 (or superseding similar legislation)
  • The Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975
  • Fire Safety and Safety of Places of Sport Act 1987

In so doing, we aim to enforce in an equitable, practical and consistent manner.