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About Haringey Young Musicians groups.

About Haringey Young Musicians groups, bands and ensembles

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Haringey Young Musicians after-school music groups, bands, ensembles and orchestras are open to those of school age living in or going to school in Haringey.  

School-age children and young people can join a Haringey Young Musicians:

  • group
  • band
  • ensemble
  • orchestra

Being a member of a Haringey Young Musician group gives young people the chance to: 

  • play with other young musicians 
  • learn new musical and social skills 
  • put skills learnt in lessons into practice 
  • take part in high-profile national events 
  • take part in national competitions 

The groups meet each week 10 times a term. There is an end of term performance with the chance to play with other music groups. 

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