Viewing pupil school records 

Seeing your child's or your own school records, getting copies of examination results and seeing someone else's school records.

Seeing your child’s school records 

As someone with parental authority, you can apply to the school to see, or get a copy of, your child’s education record. Apply to the school directly for this. 

See how to access a pupil’s information on the Information Commissioner’s Office website.

Seeing your school records 

The Data Protection Act gives all pupils, regardless of their age, the right to access their school records.  

Pupil school records are kept by the school for a limited time.

If you’re looking for your attendance and/or education record, contact the school in the first place. They can tell you what records they still have. 

If the school does not have the records you want, you can contact Haringey Archive at Bruce Castle. We’ll check if we have the school records for the time you’re looking for.

If we do have the records, you can make a subject access request through the Data Protection Act.

Examination results 

If you’re looking for school examination results, you need to contact the examination board you took your exams with. We do not hold this information. 

See GOV.UK for information on exam boards.

Schools may be able to tell you which exam boards were used for your exams.

Seeing someone else's school records

Historical records 

We hold some historical records for schools in Haringey. Not all schools have given us their records and not all school records survive.  

You can see the records of someone over 100 years old without restriction. Contact us to make an appointment to look at these records. 

If you want to see the records of someone who is less than 100 years old and deceased, you need to provide a death certificate. If you can provide a death certificate, you can come directly to Haringey Archive to see the records, you do not need to go through the data protection team. 

You cannot see the records of someone who is still alive without their direct permission. Contact the data protection team providing proof of permission from the individual concerned. 

National Archives pre-1965 records 

If you’re a former pupil, researcher or historian, you can check the National Archives to see which pre-1965 school records we hold at the Haringey Archive.

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