LTN exemptions: individual circumstance exemption

Part of: Exemptions from low traffic neighbourhoods

You can apply for an ‘individual circumstance’ exemption for:

  • someone who has a condition that means sitting in a car or having their journey re-routed causes overwhelming psychological distress
  • someone with a chronic health condition that makes sitting in a car very difficult
  • a professional carer whose ability to transport or help someone they’re caring for is significantly impaired by an LTN
  • an organisation that only transports people with access or disability needs

Why we have this exemption

These exemptions cover situations like:

  • parents or carers of disabled children who need to travel through an LTN
  • professional carers who need to visit an address in an LTN to give care to someone

Where vehicles are exempt

Where the exemption applies will depend on why you need it. For example, it might cover one of the following:

  • a single LTN filter
  • a whole LTN
  • all LTNs in Haringey

How to apply

Fill in the online form to apply for an individual circumstance exemption.

Start now

If you need help completing the form, please contact customer services.

Evidence you need to provide

The form tells you what types of evidence you need to provide.

It also includes a tick box so you can give us permission to check our records for any information we might already have – for example, proof of your address.

You’ll also need to give us details of the journeys that will be affected by LTNs – for example:

  • where the journey starts and ends
  • how essential the journey is
  • how long the journey lasts
  • the time of day you need to make the journey
  • how often you need to make the journey

What happens after you apply

If your application is successful, we’ll write to you with the details of your exemption.

Your exemption will either be:

  • linked to the expiry of your Blue Badge
  • limited to 1 year if you’re not a Blue Badge holder

If your application is unsuccessful, we’ll write to you telling you why.

Appealing a decision

You can appeal an exemption decision within 28 days of receiving it.

You need to appeal in writing to explain why you think we should review our decision. You should include any other information you want us to consider in our review.

We’ll write to you with our decision within 56 days of when we receive your appeal. We’ll also include information about how the review was done and what we considered when making our decision.

Full details about how to appeal will be in our decision email.

Which vehicles are not exempt

This exemption cannot be used for taxis and private hire vehicles.

While we understand that these are important means of transport for people with disabilities or access needs, it’s not currently feasible to manage exemptions for them. This is because taxis and private hire vehicles:

  • are arranged on an ad hoc basis and the vehicle used might change regularly – which means vehicle details cannot be registered in advance
  • will be used for people who do not need an exemption and it’s not possible to distinguish between journeys

As the rollout of LTNs continues, we’ll consider how we could manage these types of exemption in the future.

Contact customer services: low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs)