LTN exemptions: special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) transport

Part of: Exemptions from low traffic neighbourhoods

This exemption applies to special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) transport organised by us.

There are exemptions for:

  • vehicles that are part of the regular SEND fleet
  • home-to-school transport organised and paid for by us – as long as this is a regular arrangement using the same vehicles

Exemptions for these vehicles are managed by telling us a vehicle's registration number in advance.

Other SEND transport arranged by us

The exemption is not automatically available for:

  • SEND transport using black taxis or private hire paid for by us
  • ad hoc services that we organise

This is because there are challenges to automatically exempting these types of vehicles.

However, officers from Highways Services and Children Services will work together to find other solutions – for example, cancelling penalty charge notices when there’s evidence justifying the need for SEND passenger transport.

Where vehicles are exempt

The exemption applies to all LTNs but only includes filters which have an exemption permit plate. This means it may exclude some LTN filters. However, the exemption does allow vehicles to travel through diagonal filters in all 3 LTNs.

Which vehicles are not exempt

The exemption is not available for:

  • privately organised transport for SEND children, whether or not they get travel funding
  • parents or carers who live outside Haringey and transport children to SEND schools in Haringey

However, in these situations you might be able to apply for an individual circumstance exemption instead, as long as the transport uses the same vehicle on a regular basis.