Streetscape – improving Haringey’s streets

Improving the design and appearance of streets, the Streetscape manual, guidance for designing and maintaining streets.

We’ve published a manual that sets out how we plan to maintain and improve the streetscapes in Haringey.

A streetscape includes everything that makes up the design and appearance of a street, for example:

  • roads
  • pavements
  • street furniture like benches, signs and railings

Our Streetscape manual outlines how we improve Haringey's streetscapes by doing things like:

  • reducing street clutter
  • making sure the different elements of a street look coordinated
  • protecting and enhancing the historic character of Haringey

Who uses the manual

The Streetscape manual is for anyone involved in designing and maintaining Haringey's streets, including: 

  • council departments
  • contractors
  • developers
  • transport agencies
  • utility companies

It also tells residents, businesses and other stakeholder groups about the council's vision for Haringey’s streets.

Although the guidance in the Streetscape manual is not statutory, it is connected to our Local Plan policies on town centres, conservation and protecting the environment.

The manual will also help developers understand the council’s requirements for streetscape improvements.