Types of roadworks in Haringey, emergency works, major roadworks, minor roadworks.

Roadworks can be done by:

  • utility companies and/or their contractors
  • our highways maintenance contractors

Types of roadworks

Emergency works are immediate works that are needed to avoid or end:

  • a dangerous situation
  • an unplanned interruption to a supply
  • loss to an existing supply

Major roadworks may take 11 days or longer. They may need to close a road for a short while.

Minor roadworks may take less than 3 days. The roadworks would only affect 30 metres or less of the road.

All other types of roadworks are standard.


Cadent Gas major roadworks project

Cadent Gas begun on 7 May 2024 a major project to improve the reliability of its network for customers across north London.

Road closures are in place in Seven Sisters/West Green Road, from May to September 2024.

See all details about the Cadent Gas major roadworks project.

Other current and planned roadworks

View London's register of roadworks on the Transport for London website for current and planned roadworks.

If you need more detail, contact the company carrying out the work.