Apply for a play street

Apply to close a road to make a play street, advice about play streets, roads that can and cannot be closed, street closure times.

Play streets can create a sense of community, while allowing children to make friendships, be active and play safely in the streets where they live.


You can apply for:

  • a regular event – for example, once a month
  • a one-off event – for example, on a national day like Clean Air Day or Car Free Day

Download, fill out and return the application form by email or post. Please include:

  • the completed form
  • a list of signatures/houses you've spoken with
  • consultation evidence
  • a map of the proposed area

It's free to apply for a play street.

After you apply there is a 21 day consultation period for members of the public to comment and say if they support or oppose the application.

Before you apply

You should apply at least 6 weeks before the event.

You must:

  • let your neighbours know – you can use the template letter in the application form
  • complete a resident survey form for each house in the closed section of the street – this is included in the application form
  • make sure you have friends and neighbours to help on the day

What we do


You can download the following posters to help advertise your event:


If your application is successful we can provide:

  • traffic signs that say the road is closed
  • cones
  • high visibility waistcoats
  • lanyards for all the stewards
  • street closure instructions

These items are free. You'll need to store them for recurring events.

Advice sessions

We offer information sessions on how to:

  • apply for a play street
  • consult with neighbours
  • steward an event
  • run an event safely and practically
  • manage a road closure

Suitable streets

Play streets should ideally be on:

  • quiet residential streets
  • cul-de-sacs

Unsuitable streets

The following are not suitable play streets:

  • main roads
  • bus routes
  • bus diversion routes
  • blue routes (emergency vehicle routes)
  • roads where there are roadworks

For a list roads that cannot be closed see our unsuitable play streets .

Street closure times

Streets can only be closed:

  • for up to 3 hours
  • during daylight hours (for recurring events closure times can be changed depending on the time of year)
  • on the days and times agreed on the application

Further information

For more information on play streets see:

Contact the active travel and health team