Street works licence

Licence to dig up a public road or pavement to install or complete necessary works.

You may need to dig up or alter a public pavement or road to install or maintain things like cables and pipes.

You need a licence to do this if you're a:

  • contractor
  • developer
  • private individual

You must serve notice if you are a statutory undertaker.

Developer, contractor or private individual


Complete the online application for street works form.

Start now

Download the printable version and return to the traffic management environment and neighbourhoods department by email or post.

All agreed street works licences are subject to the legislation requirements of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 on the website.


Once your application is approved, you need to pay £642.11 by bank transfer.


It's an offence to start any works without a licence. If you do, you may be prosecuted. This includes:

  • the removal of any equipment installed during those works
  • full recovery of all costs involved

Statutory undertakers

If you are a statutory undertaker, you do not need a licence but must serve us notice.

Statutory undertakers include:

  • BT
  • Transco
  • Thames Water

Serve notice

The length of notice depends on the types of work. It ranges from 2 hours to at least 1 month.

Serving notice does not constitute permission, but allows us to coordinate execution of works.

This is done:

  • in the interests of safety
  • to minimise inconvenience to people using the street
  • to protect the structure of the street
  • to protect the integrity of the apparatus in the street

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