Car Clubs

Joining a Car Club, vehicle locations, parking bays.

Car Clubs allow the use of a vehicle without having to pay for:

  • upkeep
  • licenses
  • insurance
  • residents' parking charges

Car Clubs help with parking issues and cut down CO2 emissions.

Many Car Club members stop owning a car when they join. Others choose not to buy one if there is a Car Club vehicle nearby.

Joining a Car Club

You will need to register with the operators to use vehicle.


Members can rent a car or van by the minute, hour or day. You can join for free or pick a monthly plan.

There are 2 ways to drive:

  • pick up and drop off a round-trip car or van from its own dedicated bay
  • take a one-way Zipcar Flex – cars that you can pick up and drop off, including at Heathrow Terminal 5

Vehicles include hatchbacks, vans, hybrid and electric vehicles.

For more information or to register, visit the Zipcar website.

Enterprise Car Club – New River Village

There are 3 Car Club vehicles located at New River Avenue.

Visit the Enterprise Car Club website for membership details and usage costs.

Current Car Club vehicle locations

Car Club vehicles have dedicated on-street parking bays. Find below a list and map of locations:

Cars may not be available due to maintenance. For further information, you will need to contact the scheme operator.

Further information

For any queries about Car Clubs in Haringey, contact us online.